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About FileGooi

FileGooi is a tool to help transfer large files. Some files are too big for email, so instead you can upload your file to FileGooi and send your recipient a secret link. This secret link can then be used to download the file on the other side.

Features Comparison

Feature Package
FileGooi Registered FileGooi Pro
Upgrade Now
Price Free R49/month
Upload Files Yes Yes
Max File Size 1 GiB 2 GiB
Download Times 40 300
Track your Files Yes Yes
File upload notification Yes Yes
Delete Files Yes Yes
Extend Files   Yes
Personalised Branding
(Examples: koos or firebrand)


How does it work?

Click on the "Browse" or "Upload" button. Select the file you want to send. Click the "Gooi" button. The file will then be uploaded to our servers and we will give you a special link which looks like this: Then give that link to the person you want to "gooi" the file to. You can email it, send it via instant message, or any other way you like. The recipient just has to click on the link within 2 weeks, the file will start to download on their side.

How much does FileGooi cost?

FileGooi is free. You may send and receive files for free. However, we also run a service called FileGooi Pro, which costs R49.00 a month. FileGooi Pro includes extra features such as company branding and extending the lifetime of your uploads.

What is the biggest file I can send or receive via FileGooi?

The current limit is 1 GiB per file. Or 2 GiB on FileGooi Pro.

Can I register an account for my friends/clients?

There is no need to register an account for someone else, all you need to do is upload your files and then send (via email or instant message) the link. All they need to do is click that link and downloading starts automatically without the need to register to FileGooi.

How long does an uploaded file remain active and downloadable?

With FileGooi, the file remains active for at least 2 weeks. Using FileGooi Pro, this can be extended.

Is FileGooi virus protected?

We currently do not scan the files passing through FileGooi. We will implement this in the future. Files sent through our system will not "pick up a virus" from FileGooi. Our own systems run Ubuntu, and we carefully monitor the security on our systems.

Is FileGooi confidential?

Only people who you have given the secret link to are able to download your files. Files on our system are therefore only as confidential as you make the secret link.

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